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“Our mission is to help people realize their dreams, create fulfilling lives, and free themselves from the obstacles holding them back.” – The Healing Movement

Hello! I'm Sheena Ryan

Sheena Ryan is a true warrior, having persevered through immense physical and mental challenges. As a former jockey, she sustained multiple injuries that required her to relearn how to walk.

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Sessions Created For You

“The Healing Movement, we embrace a personalized approach to wellness, enabling you to tailor your sessions to your particular needs. We integrate the transformative powers of yoga, breathwork, movement, hypnosis, and emotion code, crafting a bespoke experience for you.”


“ Today I saved a life Although it was my very own Which won't serve a greater purpose Til I rescue lives unknown.”

- Melissa Bernstein- LifeLines

“95% of who we are by the time we’re 35 years old, is a memorized set of behaviours, emotional reactions, unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that function like a computer program.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Your personality creates your reality. If you don’t like your reality you need to change your personality.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza


“Sheena is an amazing guide that helped me navigate my way through past trauma. I had one session and the amount of healing that was able to happen was incredible. With the session I was able to pinpoint moments in my past that I was holding onto with negative effects and with being guided I was able to fully heal from the moments I had no clue were hurting me so much. This is completely a situation where the more you allow yourself to let go the more you get out of the experience.”

Kirk Armitage

“Sheena has given me so much through hypnotherapy and being so approachable, I easily opened up to her! I fee that through hypnosis that I dealt with issues that were so deep and it has changed me and made me stronger, threw my own eyes!

I have already recommended my teenage daughter and I would recommend this to others, for sure!”

Michelle Garel

“Both my husband and I tried hypnosis for the very first time and we were blown away by how amazing of an experience it was! I came away from my appointment feeling light, unburdened and for the first time in my life, free. It has been life changing. My husband no longer smokes. He has struggled for more than 2 decades to quit and says now it’s like he has forgotten he was ever a Smoker. I am forever grateful to Sheena for this powerful experience. Book the appointment, you won’t regret it!”

Sara-Jayne Dempster

“What an amazing experience! Sheena created a safe and comfortable atmosphere for me. I highly recommend her !!”

Liz Schaerf

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Hello! I'm Sheena Ryan